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Meditation Security

Have followed Anonymous for quite a while, and thought that to go along with their various other securities, like #LulzSec, #EtherSec, #Anti-Sec, and so on, it could be cool to try creating one for meditation.

So if you’re an Anon, or a fan of Anon, and also meditating, thanks if you could add either #MeditationSec or #MedSec to any related posts whenever you can. Will be doing the same from here on out whenever I post about meditating, and maybe over time some of us will be able to search for related things easier and actually make this tag work a bit.

Another note is this for those that haven’t seen it before. If we could get some more people joining in it could be awesome. World Meditation Day :

We are arranging a monthly world meditation, visualization and prayer across the whole wide world to heal ourselves and the planet and lift the counciousness of every being. Join us in the world meditation!

We meditate on the first Sunday, at the New Moon and at the Full Moon in every month.

The most important thing is that everyone is aware of the day being a World Meditation Day with people meditating all around the world at this day. Be it at the same global time, or different times during the 24 hour period.

Source :

No I’m not affiliated with the site, just think it’s a great idea.

So if you can tag any related stuff either here, on twitter, or wherever else you are that uses a tagging system, thanks!

Just saw this, watching it again in a few mins, it’s awesome.

Bilderberg Interviews

WeAreChange’s Schedule for the release of the 12 never before seen confrontation videos. We will release these videos while streaming live from Chantilly, VA, outside the Bilderberg meeting. Starts Thursday, May 31st at 10am.

1. Tony Blair (10am)
2. Lawrence O’Donnell (11am)
3. Alan Greenspan (12pm)
4. George Pataki (1pm)
5. Charlie Rose (2pm)
6. Ted Turner (3pm)
7. Henry Kissinger (4pm)
8. Jill Abramson (5pm)
9. Vernon Jordan (6pm)
10. Paul Wolfensohn (7pm)
11. Lou Dobbs and Paula Zahn (8pm)
12. Lord Jacob Rothschild (9pm)

Source is the text of the latest videos linked on the WeAreChange YouTube account : WeAreChange - YouTube

Bilderberg Protests Live

From Luke Rudkowski on Ustream : WeAreChange

For those who don’t like Alex Jones : it’s not his video, he’s only on for a few seconds.

Two links for more info -


Occupy Bilderberg 2012

Well, it looks like the most cunning and deceptive people on the planet may not be so bright after all.  The infamous and elusive Bilderberg club has decided to bring their annual meeting back to the United States after setting last year’s event at a hotel buried deep in the mountains of Switzerland.  This year, May 31st through June 3rd they are returning to Chantilly, Virginia where they had their conference back in 2008.   Even then a record number of people traveled from all over the world to protest this secretive meeting of aristocrats.  Even members of the EU parliament were there to protest the meeting, one of which was actually assaulted by security.  Now with the conference back in the states and occupy wall street charging up for springtime action the elite have given those of us that are paying attention a grand opportunity to show the world who is really calling the shots.

The oil cartels, banking interests, heads of state and even a majority of the major corporations who are on board with CISPA will be represented at this meeting.  If there was ever a chance to point out every head on the hydra in one protest, this is it.  It doesn’t matter if you think that wall street is to blame for our current crisis, or if you think that the government is to blame, either way this organization is in control of both of those institutions so this should be a mission that we can all agree on.

Better yet, this mission is a guaranteed win for the people, because no demands are necessary and no political goals are relevant to this situation.  Our only mission is to expose this group to the world and show people the reality of what is taking place around them, so then we can move forward with workable solutions where no middle man is needed.  If we show up peacefully in very large numbers we can turn the political dialogue in this country away from the meaningless politicians and towards the true puppet masters.

More here : Occupy Bilderberg 2012 - Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance

Anonymous Don’t Only Attack Websites

Trying to help break down the myth.

In October, denizens of Lolita City woke up feeling violated. Lolita City is a so-called darknet website populated by individuals who trade in child pornography. Anonymous, under codename Operation Darknet, hacked into the site, which exists on a private network of file-sharing computers. These closed networks are part of what is called the Invisible Web or Deep Web. Not being part of the Surface Web, which is indexed by search engines, the Deep Web is slow to appear on law-enforcement radar. Operation Darknet released the usernames and other information on 1,589 individuals trading in child pornography.

Anonymous: Who? Why? And What It Did in 2011

"We promised you those mails and now they’ll finally be delivered. Five million (that’s 5,000,000) emails at your pleasure," said the Anonymous account.

“There’s a treasure trove of nasty details in those emails. We think there’s something for everyone.”

Wikileaks publishes Stratfor files linked to Anonymous attack

The Global Intelligence Files

On February 10, 2008, about 7,000 people protested in at least 100 cities worldwide. Within 24 hours of the first protest, a search for “Scientology” and “protest” on Google Blog Search returned more than 4,000 results and more than 2,000 pictures on the image-sharing site Flickr. Cities with turnouts of one hundred or more protesters included Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney, Australia; Toronto, Canada; London; Dublin; Austin, Texas, Dallas, Texas, Boston, Massachusetts, Clearwater, Florida, and New York City, New York, United States.

Project Chanology

February 10th 2008 an Internet group named Anonymous called for demonstrations against the Church of Scientology globally. Over 7,600 people attended peaceful pickets in front of 108 Church of Scientology locations across 17 countries. This was the largest organised picket against this cult ever! And they continued with numerous events!

Operation Clambake present: Anonymous picket against Scientology

Among the documents exposed was a PowerPoint presentation entitled “The Wikileaks Threat”, put together by HBGary Federal along with two other data intelligence firms for Bank of America in December. Within the report, these firms created a list of important contributors to WikiLeaks; they further developed a strategic plan of attack against the site. As TechHerald explains, “the plan included pressing a journalist in order to disrupt his support of the organization, cyber attacks, disinformation, and other potential proactive tactics.” The report specifically claims that Glenn Greenwald’s support was key to WikiLeaks’ ongoing survival.

Timeline of events associated with Anonymous - Attack on HBGary Federal

One more simple point : they’ve raised awareness of ACTA, SOPA, PIPA, CISPA, and many other things. Raising awareness, something that cannot be properly tracked, but you can be sure that there’s a lot of people around the world that have a lot more information on these matters than they would’ve had if Anon hadn’t been around.

A few more things :

Anonymous Care Package

ANONTELPRO - Or Anonymous Intelligence Program is meant to be an Anti-Counter Intelligence operation. This is meant to be a one-stop-shop for modern anonymous intelligence operators. This means we work to detect, foil, and otherwise defuse the constitutionally dubious efforts and methodology of conventional government controlled intelligence (hereafter referred to as CGCI) agencies; as well as to educate fellow anons, curious onlookers, and would-be AnonInt operators in field craft, agent detection, and spookery in general. Covert or Overt, Intelligence is a fascinating world, and (if you’re not in the biz, or have never been under surveillance) reading this blog may open your eyes to what is going on around you.


The System will try to distract you through online trolls, infighting, MSM announcements of new dangers, and judgements from other freedom fighters who are not interested in EtherSec.

You need to remember that these are all simply symptoms of the disease — and are attempts to keep you fighting within the System. We are fighting against the ENTIRE MACHINE — and as such we do not view directed attacks at specific targets without concurrent Etheric interventions to be 100% effective.

OpEPOCH RL Action Manual

Here’s to 2012.

2012 - A message Of Hope

Occupy The Farm - Day 1

The 2012 US Election is RIGGED.

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